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Custom Design

Concept, Plugs, Moulds

All our fibreglass products are custom designed. Bring us your ideas / designs / CAD files or talk to us about what you want manufactured. We have a dedicated R&D team, 5 axis CNC machine for plug making and a mould making facility.


Plug design & Mould manufacture:

For a ‘one off’ or limited production run it may be possible to manufacture your part directly from a painted MDF mould.  For volume production runs it will be necessary to start with a ‘plug’ which is the pattern from which the mould is made.

For a complex part, ‘plug’ manufacture can involve preparing CAD drawings, CNC machining and finishing the ‘plug’ within specified dimensions and tolerances.

FRP has invested in 5 axis CNC machinery for making ‘plugs’. CNC machines are ideal for producing ‘plugs’ with very close tolerances. To finish the ‘plug’ it is then sanded, painted and waxed before a mould is taken from it.


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